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Strength & Conditioning

Joe Senior.jpg

Joe Senior

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Since June 2023, Joe has been building on our current weekly Land Training sessions through Strength & Conditioning work. 

The S&C sessions work really well alongside the land based sessions that the swimmers currently attend weekly and their pre-pool warm ups conducted at each pool based session. Accessing movements, that will assist with swimmer application in the pool and building their strength, is an important aspect for all swimmers.

From January 2024, Joe will work closely with our Physiotherapist, Midwinter Physiotherapy, to provide an exclusive package for swimmers to assist with injury prevention and highlight areas that Joe can target for improved movement and strength. This element is only available to a limited number of swimmers due to the cost and time to implement. Therefore, a criteria for selection is necessary to ensure each swimmer selected is invested in the process. Please see our Physio page for more information regarding the selection criteria.

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