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Job Vacancies

Here you will find vacancies to key roles that support the operation of our club


Contract Type: Self Employed

Working Hours: Min 30hrs weekly (to include 12.5 hours weekly poolside coaching, additional attendance at team galas, open meets + admin.)

Salary: Competitive - Experience & Qualifications dependant

Position Overview:

Evesham Swimming Club are seeking a dynamic and experienced Head Coach to lead our Swim Mark certified club -

Swim England West Midlands Region.

The club has approximately 150 members including a growing Masters Section. Members compete at County, Regional and National levels.

As the Head Coach, you will be responsible for overseeing the entirety of the club's coaching, development of internal talent, coaching and developing competitive swimmers. You will be supported by a paid assistant coach, 5 volunteer coaches & 3 volunteer teachers.

Your exceptional coaching abilities and dedication to the sport will play a crucial role in shaping our swimmers into successful athletes while promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth while fostering their skills, technique, and passion for swimming.

You will also have additional support from our active and engaged committee of volunteers as well as our numerous team managers and officials.


1. Coaching Excellence:

Design and implement a comprehensive training program that caters to the specific needs and abilities of competitive swimmers. Provide instruction, focusing on stroke technique, endurance, speed, starts, turns, and finishes.

2. Athlete Development:

Assess swimmers' performance and skill levels, identifying areas for improvement and creating individual development plans. Nurture the potential of each athlete, promoting their growth and progression within the sport.

3. Team Leadership:

Inspire and motivate swimmers to achieve their full potential and instil a love for swimming. Foster a positive and inclusive team environment that encourages camaraderie, sportsmanship, and respect among athletes, coaches, and parents.

Managing the teams for the National Arena Swimming League, Swimgainz, Nuneaton & Cotswold leagues.

4. Competition Preparation:

Plan and coordinate training schedules, taking into consideration individual and team goals, as well as competition calendars. Prepare swimmers for local, regional, and national meets, ensuring they are mentally and physically prepared for success.

5. Collaborative Approach:

Work closely with assistant coaches, ensuring they understand and support the club's coaching philosophy. Foster a collaborative and directive coaching environment that encourages knowledge sharing, continuous improvement, and a unified coaching approach. Focus on capability development and succession planning to ensure stability whilst continuously striving for improvement.

6. Communication and Relationship Building:

Establish open and effective communication channels with swimmers, parents, and club officials. Provide regular feedback and progress reports to swimmers and parents, keeping them informed about individual performance and goals.

7. Safety and Welfare:

Prioritise the safety and welfare of all swimmers, adhering to Swim England's safeguarding policies, procedures & Wave power. Ensure the club's facilities and equipment are maintained to a high standard, minimising any potential risks.

8. Professional Development:

Stay up to date with the latest coaching techniques, trends, and developments in the sport of swimming. Attend relevant training programs, conferences, and workshops to enhance coaching knowledge and skills.


  • Minimum Swim England Level 2 (or equivalent) coaching qualification; ideally with a desire to pursue Swim England Level 3 if not already achieved.

  • Extensive coaching experience with a proven track record of developing competitive swimmers.

  • Strong knowledge of stroke mechanics, training methodologies, and competition strategies.

  • Excellent communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills, with the ability to motivate and inspire others.

  • Adept at building positive relationships with swimmers, parents, and club officials.

  • Understanding of safeguarding policies and practices within the swimming community.

  • First Aid and Lifesaving qualifications are desirable.

  • Strength and conditioning qualifications are desirable, but not essential.

Join our passionate team at Evesham Swimming Club and make a lasting impact on the lives of young swimmers as they strive for excellence in the sport of swimming.

To apply including CV, qualifications and references contact: 

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