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From January 2024, Sian and her team at Midwinter Physiotherapy will be supporting the club through screening intervention of a selection of swimmers at ESC. This will help highlight areas of joint and core movement competencies to recognise areas of development required and will help reduce the likelihood of injury.  Furthermore, the screening information and personalised swimmer plan of support will assist Joe Senior at weekly Strength & Conditioning sessions. If a swimmer is injured during this period then support can be provided to assist recovery at these sessions.

Due to the time and cost associated with providing this service at ESC there are limited spaces for our swimmers. Therefore, it has been necessary to implement a selection criteria to ensure that the swimmers selected are invested in the process. Below is an outline of the structure and process.

  • Swimmers selected will be on a rolling programme where they will be screened every 12 weeks.

  • Three Groups will include 4-6 swimmers who will be screened once every three months. 

  • Midwinter Physiotherapy and Joe will develop a personalised programme to develop the swimmer based on the screening results over the next 12 weeks.

  • A review screening will evaluate the progress that has been made over the past 12 weeks and the review screening will highlight the next step of personalised work for the swimmer.


Swimmers will be screened in the following months:






Swimmers will be screened in the following months:






Swimmers will be screened in the following months:





Swimmers will be selected by ESC for the programme and keep their place on the programme based on the following:

  • Attendance and application at S&C sessions with Joe. The more you attend, the more Joe can work with the swimmer consistently so this is a vital aspect for selection. 

  • Attendance and application at Land Training. This is another important opportunity for implementing the stretches and movements set by Joe at S&C and the Physio Screening. 

  • Application of Pre-Pool work out before each swim session. Again, another opportunity to work on the targets set which exemplifies your commitment to the programme.

  • Application and attendance in the pool. If swimmers are completing sets and attending regularly we can see they are committed to making the most of the programme.

  • Attending Open Meets regularly. Quite a straightforward one really; there needs to be purpose for the programme and this is clearly to help support performance in the water. If a swimmer is not attending meets then this element cannot be analysed.     


Can swimmers be added to the programme?

The swimmers on the programme will be reviewed every 12 weeks by the coaching team with input from  Midwinter Physiotherapy and Joe Senior. Swimmers can be removed/added every 12 weeks.

How and Why will swimmers be added/removed?

  • Swimmers being removed from the programme will be informed two weeks prior to the next screening month for their group. 

  • All swimmers joining the programme must complete a consent form that will be issued prior to signing up.

  • Swimmers can be removed due to no longer meeting the requirements set in the criteria.

  • A swimmers can be added if they meet the criteria and a space becomes available.

  • Swimmers can also opt-out of the process by providing notice of at least 14 days before their next screening month.

Can swimmers opt out of the programme if they are selected?

Yes, signing up to the programme is optional. Your space would be offered to another swimmer.

What fees are attached to the provision and what is the commitment period? 

Swimmers signing up to each 12 weeks are committed to the 3 months of fees for the service period. You can not withdraw partway through. The monthly fee will be £9 per month. ESC committee are subsidising this provision significantly. 

Are there any services available to all ESC members?

Midwinter Physiotherapy are available for all swim club members if they require any physiotherapy through rehabilitation from injury. ESC have a relationship where all club members can receive a discounted service from the team at Midwinter Physiotherapy. 

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