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Run Club

Welcome to the ESC Running Club. We meet once a week on a Wednesday or Thursday at 6pm on the car park by the Crown Meadow.


This is not a fair-weather club! We run in all weathers and continue through the winter in hi-viz and headlamps and the children love it.


This is an inclusive club for all abilities, we help and encourage each other. The aim is for you to enjoy it whether you come down to run, jog or walk. With time you will see improvement and will enjoy the natural high you get from exercise.


Running is an excellent complement to swimming. It helps with endurance and improves cardio fitness. We work on distance for strength and on sprints for explosive starts which all helps in the pool. So, all you need to do is dust off your running shoes, come on down and give it a go.

For those who don’t know me I have been running since school, which is quite a few years now! I am passionate about the sport and its benefits for your mind and body. Over the years I have built up my stamina and am now completing endurance races. My wife, Jayne, helps and is testament that anyone can run. She started running with the club and can now complete 5k.


Steve Henly
Run Club Supervisor

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