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PGL Round 4, Bromsgrove

Our swimmers competed in the fourth round of PGL on Saturday 6th May, at Bromsgrove Leisure Centre. ESC were the hosts of this event, and it was great to see so many club members and their friends/family turn out to compete, support and help out.

We had four first places in the individual races, which was great to see. Megan Davies won the 25m freestyle and we had breaststroke winners in the 25m and 50m races (Daisy Gregg, Amber Cape and Toby Vale). We did really well in the relays too, winning 9 out of 20 races. Well done to our relay winners (Isabelle Hornblow, Amber Cape, Mollie Cresswell, Bryony Tustin, Nathan Gilbert, Luke Plane, Toby Vale, Thomas Sims, Elysia Henly, Abigail Tustin, Holly Langston, Joshua Keys-Cabrele, Jonathan Plane, Thomas Davies, Cameron Brydon, Jaden Matthews & Sam Parker), you did a great job of representing ESC!

As if this isn’t enough, we had 24 PERSONAL BESTS! For the record, the swimmers who got PBs are….

  1. Nathan Gilbert

  2. Isabelle Hornblow

  3. Jonathan Plane

  4. Daisy Gregg (x 2)

  5. Thomas Sims

  6. Cameron Brydon

  7. Megan Davies (x 2)

  8. Jamie Gilbert

  9. Grace Elias (x 2)

  10. Theo Rodgers

  11. Thomas Davies

  12. Sian Sims

  13. Emily Shakespeare

  14. Freya Rodgers

  15. Toby Vale

  16. Jaden Matthews (x 2)

  17. Luke Plane

  18. Mollie Cresswell

  19. Joshua Keys-Cabrele

  20. Skye Fidler

Congratulations to you all – it’s clear that our swimmers are getting better and better! and learning so much from our wonderful coaches. We had 5 speeding tickets (more info on our website FAQs if that’s a new term to you).

Thanks again to everyone who helped out on the day (and in the build up) – it’s very much appreciated by the committee. On to the next!

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