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Ho Ho Ho – ESC joins Round Table Santa Sleigh Fundraiser

Lots of lovely, helpful ESC elves joined in with the Round Table’s Santa Sleigh this week, to help with their fundraising efforts! Overall, the evening’s efforts raised a whopping £357, and ESC are very lucky to claim a 50% share in the total to contribute towards club funds.

We’d like to spend the money on coach training. The courses are over £500 each, but of course they are a great investment for our club. Happily, Swim England subsidise the club’s coaching costs, and we can claim a grant based on the fact we’re a swim mark club, too. By using the opportunities given to us by Swim England, and the money raised by these smashing volunteers, we are now able to send another coach on a course!

Once again, a big thanks to the Round Table for inviting us along, and to all those who joined in on the night. We’re so grateful for your help!

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