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Good Luck Chloe Golding! Are you next?

Many of you won’t realise that 6 years ago Chloe Golding was still competing in our winter championships and on the 8th April at 01:31 (our time) Chloe will jump in the water and represent England at the Commonwealth Games.

Huge respect goes to Chloe for all the hard work it’s taken to get there. Of course, some great people have been there throughout. Mum and Dad are exceptional people who have given loads to help her get there. Lesser but still important players in her journey have been Jill Biddle and Andy Mabbett; Head Coaches who always recognised her talent. Others that must take a tiny share of the credit were the great kids she swam with. The likes of Juliet Biddle, Katie Wright, Molly Hardwick and Chloe Mabbett pushed her hard whenever they could. Thinking about those girls has reinforced in my mind that trying hard in training is not just about benefiting yourself; it drives the others around you to be better.

I hope you will join me in making time to watch what we all hope will be the first of many international games for Chloe.

When we see her doing this exceptional thing (irrespective of how well she does on the day) take a moment to consider; at the age of 12 Chloe was swimming 50 metres backstroke in 35.12 and there are some of you not far from that mark now.

What I remember of Chloe is a girl with talent, who rarely missed a session and never cheated on a length.

I’m sure everyone who reads this will join me in wishing her every success at the games. If not this time … I’m sure we will be able to stake a tiny claim on ‘Chloe Gold Thing’ in the future (yes, I meant the dreadfully poor word play!).

Graham the challenge is well and truly set to find our next great swimmer.

For those that are interested I have included a few links to follow so you can learn more about her.


Nigel Denning ESC Chairman

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