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Fred Furniss Visit To ESC

On Sunday 22nd April 2018 we were extremely lucky to have Fred Furniss visit the Swimming Club. His presentation to coaches, poolside helpers, committee members and parents covered the key technical skills for each stroke. It was an extremely useful presentation and everyone left with a wealth of knowledge. Fred has over 30 years of experience of coaching swimmers at clubs that are within the top 10 in the country. Fred has also coached swimmers representing Team GB at Olympic Games. We were all certainly very lucky to gain some key tips to help assist the future development of our swimmers at ESC.

Here are the key points raised from Fred’s Visit:

* Develop key skills with all children early

* Develop ‘Four Stroke’ Swimmers

* Kick sets are essential to condition the leg muscles of all swimmers

* Swimmers should become familiar with their stroke counts per length to gauge their swim efficiency

* Stroke counts will also help swimmers maximise turns/finishes by finishing each length on a full stroke


* Breathing to the front

* Hands catch the water, high elbows, drive hands past hip for momentum for recovery

* Two fly kicks per stroke


* Hands catch, high elbows, powerful and quick in-sweep, drive shoulders up and extend arms forward with the assistance of the breaststroke kick.

* Tuck head into arms in extended position

* The extended position is the fastest part of the stroke so must be utilised to its full potential


* Head position down but slightly tilted forward to see the direction travelling and to be able to watch hand entry position (shoulder width hand entry)

* Extension of each arm with rotation of the body on its axis for maximum stroke reach (head still)

* Breathing should be a slight turn of the head and then returned into the fixed centre position


* Head position looking at ceiling, body position slightly inclined

* Thumb of each hand leaves the water first (below hips) and little finger first on re-entry (above head)

* Body must also rotate on its axis (shoulder roll) for maximum reach and to allow a powerful and deep pull (pushing past the hip)

Next Visit:

To introduce the importance of land based training with swimmers, parents and coaches. To show exercises to assist with pre-pool preparations and to show flexibility activities for post-pool recovery.

The full presentation has been place on SCM.

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